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Mobile Skiing Location System ( MSLS )

P. Patent Application at in Year 2003

This website and system is dated year 2003 and has been ideated and developed by Armin Costa ( e-mail: ) under the name MSLS

MSLS is both, a specific skiing-orientation and information system and a generic client software, which can be used to access potentially a vast variety of Services (examples: city-info about shops, streets, restaurants, hotels, parking  etc. ) without the need to upgrade the installed Client-Software.

MSLS is based on a very small ( 50 KB ) scripting engine called Dpdl    ( Dynamic Packet Definition Language ), a kind of scripting language developed by A.Costa which can be used to implement in very short time various services, like the ones mentioned above, or eaven more complex ones.

 MSLS also provides a MapBuilder tool which can be used to trace Graphical Information into loaded Maps, which in terms can be  accessed and controlled with Dpdl. 

Dpdl has been especially designed to run on Mobile Devices and Embedded Systems (PDA, ...) , but runs also on other platforms and in internet browsers. Compared to other standards like XML, Dpdl is very efficient and easy to use. For more info about Dpdl see here.

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P. Patent Application at in Year 2003

MSLS Patent Application 2003



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